4 Reasons Why Using a Recruiter Is More Cost-Effective for Your Business


The cost of hiring new employees can be extensive, with large amounts of time spent by staff and managers discussing and advertising the position, screening CV’s, setting up interviews, interviewing, reinterviewing, background checking, and more. Plus, there is the added cost of training new employees – and, if a new hire doesn’t work out, sometimes the whole process needs to be repeated over and over again.

Although it can seem tempting to keep this task in house, by using a dedicated recruitment agency, you can free up precious employee time for the work they should be focusing on, and instead use dedicated experts to make sure you are bringing new talent into your business that will be the right fit.

A good recruitment agency will work with you to get the right candidates, in the most cost-effective and time-efficient manner, to ensure you can get on with the work that really matters for your business.


1.      Fewer Interviews, Better Talent

Experienced recruitment agencies not only know how to define and describe the position you are looking to fill best to attract the ideal candidate, but they also know where to look to find the perfect applicant.

Not all candidates are ‘active’ job seekers, and good recruiters will be able to utilise their networks to find excellent ‘passive’ candidates who might be an ideal fit for your role, as well as those who might apply for the advertised position. In these instances, they will also be able to ‘sell’ the benefits of your company to someone who was not necessarily looking to move to attract the best talent for your role.

The recruitment agency will also be able to work with you to get a clear understanding of the job skills, soft skills, cultural fit, and other requirements you have around the role. This ensures that any candidates who make it to the interview stage are the best suited for the position.

You’ll likely end up interviewing fewer candidates than you would have if you recruited in-house, but of a far higher calibre, and better suited to your role.


2.      Flexible Options

Sometimes circumstances like unplanned sick or personal leave, seasonal periods, scoping a new role, or an urgent need to have someone on board while you recruit for a permanent replacement mean you need flexible or temporary staffing solutions, rather than committing to the cost of a full-time salary.

Recruitment agencies have access to talent pools of temp or contract employees that can be deployed with little notice or can place staff on trial or temporary contracts if you cannot commit to a permanent placement for whatever reason.

Plus, in most cases, they’ll take care of everything to with the temp’s employment, including compliance checking, their employment contract and payroll, so you don’t even have to deal with the administrative side of things. 


3.      Industry Knowledge And Experience

Recruiters are working in this space every day. So, when it comes to the nitty-gritty detail around things like salary bands for specific roles, terminology and buzz words in job advertisements and position descriptions, legalese around probationary periods and employment contracts, they’ve got your back and can help make the process easy for you.

If you don’t have an HR department or hire regularly, it is easy to get tripped up in the HR law space, but recruiters can help to ensure you don’t end up with a poor hire or regrettable contract terms that end up costing you money down the track.


4.      Spend Time On Your Business, Not Recruitment

Working with a recruiter often speeds up the time it takes you to fill a vacant role, as they usually have a pool of talented candidates to screen already, and of course, they will have broad networks available to canvas. More importantly, this is their day job, so they can dedicate all of their time to finding the right person to fit your role.

Rather than pulling staff and senior managers in your business away from essential tasks to screen CV’s, sit in on long interviews, and run references checks, you can leave the groundwork to the experts and simply pull in your key decision-makers when they have narrowed things down to a couple of front runner candidates.


For further advice on how using a recruiter can be more cost-effective for your business, contact us on begin@origintalent.co.nz or phone (09) 302 0647, and we would be happy to help.